Snorkeling in Selayar

What you can do in one day trip in Selayar. Well, if you dont know where Selayar is, please check out to map in this video.

But in short description, Selayar is a long island in south of Sulawesi, Indonesia. If you have more time, you can visit its 136 islands in total. But usually people just visit the main island, where its city is located. From Jakarta, you can flight to Makassar, then continue your flight with small plane for about 35 minutes. But if you want to enjoy the ferry and bus, it will take about 11 hours in total. The bus' cost is around 150,000 IDR, and it's full AC.

When you arrive in Benteng, the city of Selayar. You may rent snorkel kit in Tinabo Dive Center, not far from port. Then you can ask for locals where you can rent boat that can take you to the snorkeling spot. But I suggest you to go to Padang to find the boat. The price is vary depending how large the boat and how many people on board. If you know some locals, they can help you to bargain the most affordable price. Mine was 300,000 IDR with 8 people on the boat.

The nearest snorkeling spot is around Gusung island. There you may see mangrove forest as well. Remember, dont step on the corals, otherwise you have to wait it grows for only 1 cm in a year. Save the sea and love the sea.


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