GIST Tech I Pitch Competition experience

GIST Tech I is one of my greatest experience in life. If you dream to be entrepreneur, GIST Tech I is definitely a great platform for you. Through this article, I would like to share my experience and hopefully can inspire you.

What is GIST Tech I Pitch Competition? All information is actually available in their website. For short, this event will help you to grow as young entrepreneur. Here the idea is acceptable, you don't necessary have startup to join the competition. This competition only open for emerging countries, and there are three steps of selection.
1. Application form
2. Semifinal - Global voting
3. Final

This competition is open annually usually start around October or November and take 5 months for whole processes. The program starts in 2011 and always conducted every year except in 2017. Some of notable alumni that you may know is from Indonesia. 

It is indeed a long journey to go to the final stage of GIST Tech I. But it is worth. Through this event I learn how to grow business from zero. How to pitch, understanding types of funding, and more importantly networking. GIST Tech I usually conducted at the same time with Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) or formerly known as GES. It is one of the largest meeting of entrepreneur all over the world where you can share ideas and build future collaboration. Through GEC 2018 in Istanbul, I am so fortunate to meet a key persons of institutions/organizations. Some of them are research institutions, incubator and accelerator organization, venture capital, big company and famous brand, and President of Turkey, Mr. Tayyip Erdogan.

So honored to see and hear the speech of President Turkey, Mr Tayyip Erdogan

GIST Tech I pitch Competition 2018 was held for three days from April 16 to 18, 2018. I was so lucky to stay in Turkey beyond the event and walk around the magical city of Istanbul and live in one of the best hotel in Istanbul. I am proud to inform you that all accommodation and transportation, including air flight is fully funded. 

I am glad to build friendship to other participants. In GIST Tech I pitch competition 2018, there are 10 finalists and nine alumni mentors. They are my new friends and some of them is the first persons I know from their respective countries. I am glad to be the only participants from Indonesia and the sole representative from ASEAN.

In front of Bosphorus bridge, the bridge that connect Asia and Europe

Since study in undergraduate, I dream to join business competition, but I failed. Previously I always join in scientific or social project competition, where I also present (I may say it as pitch as well) my project ideas. But pitch in business case is relatively different in which we have to convince judges that consisted of experts and experienced entrepreneur that our enterprise will work. Pitch on big stage where camera is all around is unforgettable moment for me. It is the biggest stage that I ever stand on. I don't know just how many hours I have spent just to prepare that three minutes pitch and five minutes Q n A. 

One second before my pitch started

Last, my gratitude to all sponsors - US State Department,, amazon and to all implementing organization - the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Venturewell, and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Special thanks to my team, Fadhillah Putri Wulandari (Product Development Mac Beanbag) and Musawwir Muhtar (CEO Morbi+) where all credits of this photo belong to him. And to all my fellows, I am missing you.

All team.. Oopss I was too small back there. (Source: AAAS entrepreneur facebook page)

I was trembling at this time. Thanks Iheb for this picture

Thanks for the reception in U.S. Consulate General's Residence

So glad to meet you guys.
Boys in GIST Tech I


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