The Journey on the YLCCC 2017 in Lampung

YLCCC stands for Youth Leadership Camp for Climate Change. This camp is a platform for young leader to build networking and to get soft and hard skill to tackle the climate change. The YLCCC is part of UN CC (United Nation on Climate Change) learn events. It is organized by The Climate Reality Project Indonesia and UNESCO office Jakarta and supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

I joined in program in Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan (TNBBS) National park. There were three series of camp. Previously it was conducted in Cibodas Biosphere Reserve and Gunung Leuser National Park. 

TNBSS is located on Lampung Province, in southern part of Sumatra, Indonesia. It covers an area about 365,000 ha and it is home to some of endangered and endemic fauna and flora such as Raflesia Arnoldi Flower (Raflesia sp), Sumatran Elephant (Panthera tigris), Badak Sumatra (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), and Gajah Sumatra (Elephas maximus). The journey to TNBSS is one of the program of this camp.

Peta Bukit Barisan Selatan
Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan Map

My journey to this camp was started to make a group that consisted of five members and it should be in gender balance. So we had not known each other before and we came from various places of Indonesia. We submitted the required documents including motivation letter and Curriculum Vitae. There are 116 teams registered to the camp and we were lucky to be one of 10 teams that was able to join the camp.

The journey to Lampung was incredible. I flew from Denpasar to Jakarta about 2 hours flight and I had to stay in the airport for one night and waited until my morning flight to Lampung. It took just 30 minutes to arrive in Raden Inten airport, Lampung from Soekarno Hatto airport.

Long journey was paid off when I arrive. The event was so worth and enjoyable. In the opening we were greeted by leaders of UNESCO office in Jakarta and from forestry department of Lampung province. The first day of the event was focusing on networking to each participants. We also attended seminars about the climate change and filming workshop. It was a tight program from 8 am to 10 pm. This knowledge inspired us that we need to take action toward the climate change and prepare us to some skill set to be able to influence and encourage people to work together to tackle the climate change. 

YLCCC Lampung 2017
Warm greeting from Ibu Amanda Katli Niode
Balai Besar TNBBS
In front of the office of TNBBS. My lovely team. Hopefully to meet you again.
The second day of the event was a trip to TNBSS. It took more than 3 hours to the national park. We woke up so early and went by bus. Before we arrived, the head of taman nasional welcomed us very warmly and explained more about the national park. Some challenges that they face beside of the climate change are illegal logging and poaching. Some of the animal is so expensive and tempting to be caught. As an example, the ivory is worth 25 million IDR for a kilogram in the black market.

Warm greeting in Balai Besar Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan

The challenge and also the fun part was just started when we enter the rain forest of the national park. We separated into some groups. The first challenge we face were pacet. Pacet is a bloodsucker leech, it beats all participants. I was beaten three times. But this challenge was paid off when we found the water fall and kantong semar (Genus napenthes). The Genus napenthes is often called tropical pitcher plant is unique because it consumes insects by attracting them to its hole. 

Pacet the leech blood sucker
Closing the second day, we released endangered birds that obtained from the poacher. We also planted the tree as an effort to fight the climate change. Interestingly, we brought trash bag along the trip, and we took our trash back to the hotel. Forest is our lung and we do not want it disappear from our land. Anyway, this is my first trip to national park in Sumatera and I am very glad.

Penanaman Pohon
Tree Plantation in TNBBS

Pelepasan Elang
Releasing the eagle back to nature

YLCCC TNBBS Lampung 2017
The team
In the end of the day, we finally made a video campaign. You may see it HERE. I hope you got the message. After the camp, we committed to make a post project. We want others also participate in tackling the climate change because it is not my problem, it is all our problem together. Also please watch full activities of all camps of YLCCC in this video.

I would like to say thank you for my team member:
1. Mas Andri
2. Mbak Ifi
3. Mbak Ola
4. Mas Rahman.
and all stakeholder of the event.


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